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Physics plays an essential role in the understanding of natural phenomena over a broad spectrum and the development of modern technology for society. The Department of Physics at IISER Bhopal is recognized nationally for research and teaching at the highest level. The Department of Physics provides a broad spectrum of core research and education areas, which includes Experimental Condensed Matter, Theoretical Condensed & Soft Matter and Cosmology & High Energy Physics. The Department offers an ideal environment for faculty members and students by promoting scientific discussions among its members and, also between various sub-disciplines of physics. The Department offers academic programmes, which includes a five-year BS-MS program aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary research, and a PhD programme aimed at offering training at the advanced level in order to prepare students for the jobs in national and international research institutions. Besides its own degree programmes, the Department is responsible for the core teaching courses for all the study programmes offered across IISER Bhopal.