IISER Bhopal


Academic Programmes


The BS-MS degree is a five-year undergraduate program to impart fundamental knowledge in various areas in Physics. The department provides students with the opportunity to explore and nurture interdisciplinary interests by allowing them to take courses in other disciplines. BS-MS students are also allowed to exit with a BS Degree after successful completion of the prescribed study for obtaining BS Degree at the end of fourth academic year.


PhD degrees are offered in diverse areas of theoretical and experimental physics. The PhD curriculum consists of one year of course work that imparts advanced concepts of physics to the students, a comprehensive examination, graduate seminars, research work and successful completion of PhD viva-voce examination and thesis defence leading to the PhD degree. PhD students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences and present their research work to the scientific community. Faculty members and PhD students of the department are actively participating in research in the frontiers of science in both theoretical and experimental areas.


The Department of Physics also offers an Integrated PhD (IPhD) program for highly motivated students with Bachelor degrees. Selected through an appropriate examination, the students are immediately exposed to our advanced course curriculum (6 semesters) followed by thesis work in diverse areas of physics.