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Suhas Gangadharaiah
Associate Professor

Academic Details

  • Assistant Professor: (January 2012 -) Physics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal, India.
  • Post Doctoral Associate: (Aug 2010 - Dec 2011) University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.
  • Visiting Scientist: (July 2010- Aug 2010) Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany.
  • Post Doctoral Associate: (Sep 2008 - June 2010) University of California, Irvine, USA.
  • Post Doctoral Associate: (Sep 2005 - June 2008) University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA.
  • PhD: (2005) Department of Physics, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.


  • Dr. Gangadharaiah is interested in many aspects of the quantum theory of condensed matter systems with a particular focus on low dimensional systems. His group is currently involved in the study of the physics of carbon-based systems (graphene and carbon nanotubes), semiconducting 2DEGs, nanowires and topological insulators.

Suhas Gangadharaiah
Associate Professor

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Manvendra Singh
Suhas Gangadharaiah
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3 Manvendra Singh
Suhas Gangadharaiah
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Surajit Sarkar
Suhas Gangadharaiah
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Surajit Sarkar
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