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Physics plays an essential role in the understanding of natural phenomena over a broad spectrum and the development of modern technology for society. The Department of Physics at IISER Bhopal is recognized nationally for research and teaching at the highest level. The Department of Physics provides a broad spectrum of core research and education areas. Read More....


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The Ph.D. position application deadline has been extended to Sunday, 7 May 2023, to accommodate the JEST-qualified candidates. Click here to apply.

Department of Physics, IISER Bhopal is pleased to announce the annual edition of In-house Symposium to be held from 24-25 March, 2023. The idea of the symposium is to provide a platform to the students of our department to showcase their research work. The students will also have an opportunity to present posters describing the recent achievements in their research projects.

Our Physics Department has won the interdepartmental cricket tournament of IISER Bhopal.