IISER Bhopal


Faculty Research Areas

Cosmology & High Energy Physics

Arnab Rudra

String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Open Quantum Systems, Theoretical Particle Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravity using Scattering Amplitudes

Mayuresh Surnis

Astrophysics of Compact Objects, Fast Radio Bursts, Pulsars, Time Domain Astrophysics, Radio Interferometry

Nabamita Banerjee

Research is aimed both at clarification of the microscopic origin of black hole entropy and interplay of mathematics and black hole physics. On the other hand, we study applications of black hole physics to study the characteristics of boundary plasma (QCD, Superfluids etc:) in the context of the AdS/CFT conjecture. We are also interested in studying properties of non-relativistic fluids, using higher dimensional black hole solutions via holography. Another area of our research interests is understanding the importance of symmetry to the dynamics of a theory. In particular, we study the implications of asymptotic symmetries of spacetimes to Quantum Field Theories on asymptotically flat and Anti de-Sitter spaces.

Rahul Srivastava

The main interest of our group lies in understanding the fundamental components of nature and the fundamental forces acting on them. The current Standard Model of Particle Physics provides a good understanding of these but still leaves many questions unanswered. Chief among them are the questions regarding neutrino and dark matter physics. They are widely expected to be the gateway to the hitherto unknown new physics beyond the Standard Model. Our group works on various theoretical as well as phenomenological aspects of the new physics beyond Standard Model.

Rajib Saha

CMB and 21 cm Observation, Foregrounds, Parameter Estimation, Classical, Machine learning and Genetic Algorithms, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Inflation, Anisotropies in Early Universe

Ritam Mallick

Nuclear Astrophysics, General Relativity, Astrophysical Phase Transitions, Machine Learning in Astrophysics

Sukanta Panda

Non-local Cosmology, Analog Gravity Models, Quantum Corrections to Cosmological Models