IISER Bhopal


Faculty Research Areas

Theoretical Condensed & Soft Matter Physics

Auditya Sharma

Our group is interested in a range of topics from fundamental questions in Statistical Mechanics such as the manner in which systems attain equilibrium within the framework of the `Eigenstate Thermalization hypothesis', to interacting disordered systems that exhibit a novel kind of localization called `Many-body localization' to mature topics like random matrix theory and classical spin glasses. In recent times, a central theme has been entanglement, and we have been interested in investigating the role of quantum correlations, in connection to a number of established condensed matter phenomena. We employ a combination of analytical and numerical techniques in our studies. Please visit our group webpage for more details.

Nirmal Ganguli

Using theoretical techniques and numerical simulations primarily based on density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulations, we study electronic structure, magnetism, and optical properties of nanomaterials and heterojunctions. We are also interested in the role of spin-orbit interaction at surfaces and interfaces with restricted symmetry.

Sebastian Wuster

We work on quantum dynamics, particularly of ultra-cold atoms, Bose-Einstein condensates, highly excited Rydberg atoms and quantum opto-mechanical systems. Our primary focus is to propose interesting quantum simulation platforms that connect to seemingly different disciplines, such as photosynthetic light harvesting, quantum chemistry or general relativity. By exploring common themes between these subjects, we transfer knowledge between disciplines, and may enable cold atom experimental tests, of otherwise inaccessible physical scenarios, e.g. involving black holes or quantum transport.

Snigdha Thakur

Our research interest lies in the soft and biological material that are driven out of equilibrium either by interactivity or by external field. Such active material exhibit very interesting emergent behavior. We employ theoretical and computational tools to investigate the rich dynamics exhibited by such systems.

Suhas Gangadharaiah

Our group is interested in many aspects of the quantum theory of condensed matter systems with a particular focus on low dimensional systems. Our group is involved in the study of the physics of silicene, carbon-based systems, nanowires, spin-chains, Luttinger liquids and topological insulators. We mainly use analytical approaches, in particular, relying on quantum field theoretical techniques to analyze a problem.

Sunil Pratap Singh

Soft condensed matter systems exhibit incredibly complex dynamical and rheological behavior. These systems respond to external perturbations in an intriguing way and exhibit numerous features that are nonintuitive and distinct from those at equilibrium. More specifically, we focus on computer simulation modeling of polymeric, active filaments, and colloidal suspension in bulk and confinement. Our goal is to understand the relationship between mesoscale structure and bulk properties. Furthermore, our research interest also involves multi-scale modeling of coarse-grained algorithms which bridges atomistic and mesoscopic length-and time scales.