Sponsored Projects

Project Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Amount Start Date
Development of Diamond Quantum Microscope for nanoscale sensing at high pressure SERB Dr. Phani Kumar PeddiBhotla 37,78,500 2019-03-18
Velocity map photoelectron-photoion imaging spectrometer for VUV molecular Physics SERB Dr. Bhargava Ram 50,60,000 2018-08-02
Dynamics of active deformable objects: Self-propulsion and spontaneous oscillation SERB Dr. Snigdha Thakur 21,59,520 2018-07-19
Hybride Perovskit nano crystals for high efficiency photovfaics: fundamental studies and device fabrication DST Dr. Adarsh K V 15,03,200 2018-05-01
Exploring the Super Conducting state near the Quantum criticality in ce-based non-centrosymmetric heavy fermion systems. SERB Dr. Ravi Prakash Singh 15,20,000 2017-10-30
Tunable Complexity with rydberg impurities in bose-Einstein Condensates Max-Planck Group (MPG) Dr. Sebastian Wuster 45,12,811 2017-09-01
Tailoring the phonon environment of embedded rydberg aggregates DST Dr. Sebastian Wuster 16,38,945 2017-07-20
Testing bouncing models with CMB anisotropy SERB Dr. Sukanta Panda 17,95,310 2017-07-18
Free Fermions and Quantum Gravity DST Dr. Suvankar Dutta 17,34,496 2017-07-14
Exotic Interface Phenomena in Nanoscale heterostructures of Complex Oxides DST Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana 94,12,050 2017-06-08
Integration of Novel 2D Materials with Functional Oxides for New Functionalities: A Raman Spectroscopic Study. SERB Dr. Surajit Saha 48,06,725 2017-03-30
Unravelling complex ground state of rare earth nickelates and iridates using TeraHertz spectroscopy in high magnetic fields and low temperatures. SERB Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana 58,30,880 2017-03-21
Physics of Silicene: Transport Properties, Harper Equation, Phase Diagram and Density of State SERB Dr. Suhas Gangadharaiah 18,51,520 2017-03-16
Unravelling ultrafast exciton-plasmon coupling in AU/Agnanostructures on 2D few-layer Mo(W) S2 nanosheets for photonic device applications. SERB Dr. Adarsh K V 74,86,234 2017-03-14
Tuning the ultrafast nonlinear optical and magnetic properties of transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures as a function of interlayer coupling strength: Photonic device applications. DAE-BRNS Dr. Adarsh K V 31,64,000 2017-03-03
Magnetism and spin-orbit interaction at complex oxide interfaces for technology: An ab initio investigation. SERB Dr. Nirmal Ganguli 47,25,600 2017-01-12
Single Crystal Growth of Non-Centrosymmatic super conductors SERB Dr. Ravi P Singh 11,00,000 2016-10-28
Studying Phase Transition and cooling in Neutron Star under strong magnetic fields. SERB Dr. Ritam Malik 14,61,470 2016-09-21
A computer Simulation Study of polymer translocation through narrow pore SERB Dr. Sunil Pratap Singh 17,97,620 2016-08-19
Entanglement in Landauer like systems. SERB Dr. Auditya Sharma 15,83,172 2016-06-20
Investigations on quark-gluon plasma within the framework of relative dissipative hydrodynamics. DST Dr. Sukanta Panda 86,27,426 2014-01-21
Understanding Physics of the Universe through the study of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation SERB Dr. Rajib Saha 16,26,000 2013-10-01
Investigation of observables involving rapidity logrithms I quantum field theory and its applications to HEP. SERB Dr. Ambar Jain 12,84,000 2013-03-01
Photodarkening in amorphous chalcogenide thin films and finding its strong dependency on composition temperature and intensity of illumination CSIR Dr K V Adarsh 12,70,000 2013-01-01
Development Of Broadband Terahertz Spectroscopy To Investigate The Ultra Fast Optical Functionally And Low Energy Dynamics In Strongly Correlated Electron Systems SERB Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana 1,11,05,312 2012-08-01
Controlling Enhancing And Turning The Optical And Nonlinear Properties Of Chalcogenide Glasses And Single Molecule Chalcogen Containing Macrocycles DST Dr K V Adarsh 47,19,918 2012-02-02