Sponsored Projects

Project Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Amount Start Date
Exploring the structural origin of magnetoelectric coupling to make them applicable for real world application DST Dr. D.S.Rana 86,27,420 2018-02-02
Tunable Complexity with rydberg impurities in bose-Einstein Condensates Max-Planck Group (MPG) Dr. Sebastian Wuster 45,12,811 2017-09-01
Tailoring the phonon environment of embedded rydberg aggregates DST Dr. Sebastian Wuster 16,38,945 2017-07-20
Testing bouncing models with CMB anisotropy SERB Dr. Sukanta Panda 17,95,310 2017-07-18
Free Fermions and Quantum Gravity DST Dr. Suvankar Dutta 17,34,496 2017-07-14
Exotic Interface Phenomena in Nanoscale heterostructures of Complex Oxides DST Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana 94,12,050 2017-06-08
Integration of Novel 2D Materials with Functional Oxides for New Functionalities: A Raman Spectroscopic Study. SERB Dr. Surajit Saha 48,06,725 2017-03-30
Unravelling complex ground state of rare earth nickelates and iridates using TeraHertz spectroscopy in high magnetic fields and low temperatures. SERB Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana 58,30,880 2017-03-21
Physics of Silicene: Transport Properties, Harper Equation, Phase Diagram and Density of State SERB Dr. Suhas Gangadharaiah 18,51,520 2017-03-16
Unravelling ultrafast exciton-plasmon coupling in AU/Agnanostructures on 2D few-layer Mo(W) S2 nanosheets for photonic device applications. SERB Dr. Adarsh K V 74,86,234 2017-03-14
Tuning the ultrafast nonlinear optical and magnetic properties of transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures as a function of interlayer coupling strength: Photonic device applications. DAE-BRNS Dr. Adarsh K V 31,64,000 2017-03-03
Magnetism and spin-orbit interaction at complex oxide interfaces for technology: An ab initio investigation. SERB Dr. Nirmal Ganguli 47,25,600 2017-01-12
Single Crystal Growth of Non-Centrosymmatic super conductors SERB Dr. Ravi P Singh 11,00,000 2016-10-28
Studying Phase Transition and cooling in Neutron Star under strong magnetic fields. SERB Dr. Ritam Malik 14,61,470 2016-09-21
A computer Simulation Study of polymer translocation through narrow pore SERB Dr. Sunil Pratap Singh 17,97,620 2016-08-19
Entanglement in Landauer like systems. SERB Dr. Auditya Sharma 15,83,172 2016-06-20
Investigations on quark-gluon plasma within the framework of relative dissipative hydrodynamics. DST Dr. Sukanta Panda 86,27,426 2014-01-21
Understanding Physics of the Universe through the study of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation SERB Dr. Rajib Saha 16,26,000 2013-10-01
Investigation of observables involving rapidity logrithms I quantum field theory and its applications to HEP. SERB Dr. Ambar Jain 12,84,000 2013-03-01
Photodarkening in amorphous chalcogenide thin films and finding its strong dependency on composition temperature and intensity of illumination CSIR Dr K V Adarsh 12,70,000 2013-01-01
Development Of Broadband Terahertz Spectroscopy To Investigate The Ultra Fast Optical Functionally And Low Energy Dynamics In Strongly Correlated Electron Systems SERB Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana 1,11,05,312 2012-08-01
Controlling Enhancing And Turning The Optical And Nonlinear Properties Of Chalcogenide Glasses And Single Molecule Chalcogen Containing Macrocycles DST Dr K V Adarsh 47,19,918 2012-02-02