About the Department

The Department of Physics strives to learning and understanding physical phenomena over a broad spectrum and desseminating the knowledge. We envisage to train and prepare the students for the future with the evolving trends in teaching and research. Reducing the gap between classroom teaching and research, learning through debates, organizing physics based co-curricular activities, interaction with the renowned teachers and scientists through seminars and workshops (physical or via national knowledge network) etc. are some of the initiatives in place to realize effective learning. Given the diverse nature of the discipline, it is essential to provide an atmosphere that facilitates fruitful interaction between people, and between various sub-disciplines of physics.

We seek to achieve these goals by continuing to attract outstanding faculty members in diverse areas, maintaining state of the art research and teaching facilities, training graduate students into confident and motivated scientists, providing innovative classroom teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate levels and communicating the excitement of Physics to the public at large. In our pursuit, we remain dedicated to a core set of values: excellence in teaching and research, respect for all members of the department and service to the mankind.